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International Literary Translation Workshops Announcement of Turkish-Italian Translation Workshop


International Literary Translation Workshops  Announcement of Turkish-Italian Translation Workshop

The Italian Cultural Institue of Istanbul contributes to the campaign of The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey that has been organizing International Literary Translation Workshops (ILTW) since 2006 in order to contribute the delivery of the written language accumulation of Turkish to the world languages and the literary works produced in these languages into Turkish with more qualified translations, to encourage literary translators and also to the intensification of cultural exchange between the countries.

Literary translators are brought together in a common place in order to provide a professional approach in translating works of Turkish literature into foreign languages ​​and works in foreign languages ​​into Turkish. The purpose of this workshop is to enable the competent literary translators to share their experiences with young translators, thereby contributing to the training of new translators who make literary translation between the Turkish and Italian languages, as well as strengthening the quality of literary translations.

In this context, Turkish-Italian Literary Translation Workshop will be organized between 7-11 March 2022 in Istanbul. The travel and accommodation expenses of the selected participants will be covered for 5 days by us.


Who can apply: Those translators who have at least one published translation related with culture, literature, essay, research from Turkish to Italian or from Italian to Turkish can apply.

If there are not enough applications, applications can be received from the senior students and graduates of the relevant department by taking the opinion of the Ministry, moderators and coordinators.

Working Method: At the workshops in 2022 there will be a study and practice under the supervision of the coordinators over the texts that translators will participate and they are translating at the present and extra texts that would gave by coordinators if seen as necessary.

Details of the program will be implemented after the decision of the Ministry and coordinators.

Selection of the Participants: The selection of the participants will be determined by the Ministry, collaborated national and international institutions and the coordinators and the applicants will be informed.

The missing applications will not be accepted and the applications will be valid when all the required documents are submitted before deadline.

Application Deadline: 05 February 2022

Required Documents for ILTW Applications:

Application form (use link to fill the application form:

CV of the participant and a list of his/her published works. (maximum 1 page)4 pages from published translation of translator 4 pages from original text Short presentation of the Author and the Work. (Maximum 1 page)An official paper from the institution/ organization where the applicant works, stating that it is accepted to attend the workshop on the dates specified.




Merve Yavuzdemir : +90(312) 470 5342 (Turkish- Italian Literary Translation Workshop)