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'Vivo d’Arte' 2021 Prize


'Vivo d’Arte' 2021 Prize

In 2019 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation established the contest ‘Vivo d’arte’ for young Italian artists under 36 living abroad.

The aim of the award is to provide an instrument of visibility and promote collaboration between Italian artists and the cultural scene of the country where they live, encouraging them to produce new works that develop the theme of fusion and dialogue between cultures and that involve local artists. The focus of the award is on the performing arts (music, theatre, contemporary dance) and is supported by the prestigious collaboration of the Romaeuropa Foundation.

The initiative also aims to create a network of Italian artists abroad and raise awareness of new Italian immigration, promoting two key contemporary hallmarks of Italy in the world: its creativity and the ability of its artistic talent to express itself even beyond national borders.

Regolamento “Vivo d’Arte” 2021